Asheville Bread Fest

So I think I have taken another leap in the obsessiveness I call baking. I’m attending the Asheville Bread Festival in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait. Seriously….we’ll be going over fermentation techniques, baking with local grains, various baking methods, kneading tech….am I boring you!?! Well, I could see how that could happen. But, would you want anything less from the guy who is trying to make the BEST wood fired pizza you have ever had?

Although this festival will be dedicated to bread…. Pizza and bread go hand in hand. It’s the same medium, same cooking methods….the only major difference (besides it being flat), is the application of toppings to enrich the cooked dough.

We’re crust centric and we LOVE to focus on the crust being the center of attention. It’s not just a base for toppings….it’s the main course that is adorned with some of the best toppings we can find. Be weary and RUN when you see pizzeria’s that focus on unusual topping combinations and the crust is hidden under those toppings. Ok, you don’t have to run….but think about it and consider it….we use a minimal amount of toppings to let the crust shine through, we don’t hide behind anything.

Thanks for being a MOTO fan…we can’t wait to start the season!!