Pizzeria Moto Brings the Pies

We all grew up with that one pizza place that was always the best around. For me it was a thick crust, cheese-laden, oregano infused sauce with mountains of pepperoni. It was cooked in a gas oven twice (crust first) and it was reminiscent of an Italian Foccacia. This was Western NY and most of the pizza up there was in that style. You would think being so close to NYC that it would be thin crust, but was pretty much the opposite of that.

In my 20’s I left NY and moved to Virginia, and at the same time, started to taste pizza outside of the beloved Italian deli pizza I grew up with. For the next decade+ I experimented with trying every kind of pizza I could and trying to re-create it at home. Going on pizza pilgrimages to NYC and around the East Coast became an obsession and the pies at my house slowly started to get better than the ones that I was eating at the pizzerias. How did this happen….how was I, a home cook, cooking better pizzas than people that “specialized” in this and had their own shops.

The tipping point happened and I was now the one that cared more about the pizza than the people I was buying it from. It’s at that point, that I made the decision to bring pizza to the masses… but QUALITY pizza. Pizza that used an Aged Sourdough Crust, Italian Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella, and cooked in a blazing hot wood fired oven imported from Italy. It’s Pizza that is simple, but better than anything most people have tasted. Pizzeria MOTO has been years in the making, and we are thrilled to bring pies like this to our community.