Pizzeria MOTO is a great addition for any group!

Since the launch of Pizzeria MOTO, we’ve had a lot of interest from many different types of groups about hosting parties. We’ve talked with a bunch of wineries, people interested in block parties, brides looking to make MOTO part of their rehearsal dinner, and some farms that want to showcase their products. We’ve updated our website with a list of other events that Pizzeria MOTO would be great for…here are some others:

  • Private Party
  • Block Party
  • Graduations
  • Rehearsal Dinners / Weddings
  • Networking Events
  • Pizza Cooking Workshops (10 people max)
  • Corporate Lunches
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • Festivals / Fairs
  • Birthday Party
  • Company Party
  • Business Openings