Masquerade Ball and Silent Auction – Loudoun habitat for Humanity

A couple of years ago I was training for a marathon and was running down the W & OD trail in downtown Leesburg. This trail passes through the town of Leesburg on it’s way either to Washington, DC or Purcellville, VA. As I was running, I looked off the trail and saw a bunch of tents in the woods. Being new to the area, and somewhat naive, I thought oh, interesting… they have a park here with camping. As I got closer I saw items strewn about the campsite and quickly realized that this was not a normal campsite. As my gaze started to shift back to the trail, a man that was sitting by the campsite yelled, “take a picture, it will last longer”. I felt absolutely horrible when I heard him say that, and it was not my intention to gawk.

I live in a county that is consistently rated in reports as the richest in the country. But there are still people in this area that don’t have homes and struggle to get by. I’ve been blessed thus far with a business that has the opportunity to provide a living for my wife and I, the opportunity to employ others, but also has the chance to help out other organizations and make a small difference in our community.

We’re proud to announce that Pizzeria MOTO is going to play a small role in the upcoming Loudoun Habitat for Humanity’s Masquerade Ball and Silent Auction ( ) on Saturday March 3, 2012, from 6pm-11pm. We’ll be donating a private party for 20 people to the event, with all of the proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity and their efforts to eradicate homelessness in Loudoun County.

If you can’t go to the event, consider making a donation, or even helping your chapter with something like this… even if the help is small, it does make a difference.