Weddings and Rehearsal Dinner Catering

When we started this business in 2010 we had this idyllic vision to serve wood fired pizza to people in amazing places. We thought we might be on top of mountains, or in rustic barns selling our za’, or setting up at local farmers markets and catering to the foodies. While some of that is true, we’re actually setting up in more amazing places than we dreamed of originally. Part of that has been due to the overwhelming response from brides and grooms to be. We did our first wedding in early 2011, and since then have done a hand full more, with a ton more on the books for 2012. What amazes me is the desire to step outside the norm and do something completely different. We’ve gotten a lot of “my parents are not going to be happy with this”. I ask, why???

Why is there such a wedding “norm” for how food should be served? The type of food that is served at weddings is, “most” of the time, just marginal at best. Why not take it to another level (even though it might be a little more casual) and serve something that is 100% handmade and well thought out. We’ve spent years, if not decades (seriously) practicing our craft and coming up with recipes that are sure to make most people say, “this is the best pizza I’ve ever had”.

All of our catering clients since we started have been extremely happy with their catered weddings, rehearsal dinners and events…if your thinking about having us cater your wedding or rehearsal dinner, let us know… We would more than happy to provide references.

Until then…, sleep and dream pizza….you’ll wake up inspired. I do 🙂